Welcome to the online home of M.B. Trading Consulting Ltd

We specialise in making international trade easier, more rewarding and more profitable. We do it by bringing two or more partners together, and we strengthen the relationship between them by taking care of logistical issues relating to import, export and distribution, including legal documentation and shipping.

In this way, we make sure that all parties buy and sell the goods or products they need, and that they are delivered at the right time, in the right way and at the right price.

If you want to reach markets across the world by importing or exporting new product ranges, or you are looking for opportunities to invest in fresh brands and new countries, then M.B. Trading Consulting Ltd is the company that can make things happen.

Find out more about our work, and the countries we specialise in, by visiting our services page. If you’d like us to help you make new trading relationships, then please contact us – we’re looking forward to hearing from you.
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